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Mathesar 0.1.7


Mathesar 0.1.7 introduces linked table navigation from the data cell context menu. This release also fixes the regeneration of exploration share URLs and removes the ‘group’ suffix in the Data Explorer column names.

This page provides a comprehensive list of all changes in the release.

Upgrading to 0.1.7

See our guide on upgrading Mathesar to 0.1.7.


Linked Table Navigation from Cell Context Menu

Users can now navigate to linked tables from the cell context menu, providing a more seamless experience when working with linked data.



Bug fixes

Fixed Regeneration of Exploration Share URL

Fixed an issue where clicking “Regenerate Link” for a shared exploration failed to create a new URL and resulted in a 404 API request. Now, users will see a successful API call with a new, regenerated share URL.


Remove ‘group’ Suffix in Data Explorer

Resolved an issue in the Data Explorer where the grouping column name was incorrectly suffixed with ‘group’. Now, the original column names are preserved when summarizing data.



  • Upgrade Instructions for 0.1.7 #3534


  • Bump Django from 4.2.10 to 4.2.11 #3496
  • Made Release Notes Script Portable #3529
  • Removed Stray Changes Post Script Update #3530
  • Integrated Changes from Previous Release Preparation #3517
  • Added Demo Target in Dockerfile for Future Deployments #3523
  • New RPC Endpoint Implementation for Superuser Functions #3524