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Mathesar 0.1.2 (alpha release)

This release focuses on documenting additional options for installing Mathesar, some improvements to the user experience, and some bug fixes. We’ve also added support for switching between multiple databases in the UI.

Improvements to the UI

  • Mathesar now supports switching between multiple databases using the UI. (#2847)
  • You can now copy data from the Mathesar UI to paste into other applications. (#2773)
  • The first non-primary key column is now highlighted when a new record is created. (#2515)
  • Form inputs are disabled when the form is being submitted. (#2762)
  • Action pane sidebars are now resizable. (#2808)
  • Table deletion now requires you to enter the table’s name (to prevent accidental deletion). (#2858)
  • Long table names are now truncated and the full name is shown on hover. (#2825)
  • We’ve disabled setting columns to JSON List and Map types using the UI until we have a better editing experience for cells of those types. (#2772)
  • Filter conditions can now be added and removed via the column header menu (#2782)
  • Cell level context menus now also show menu items related to the row and column. (#2803)

Improvements to installation

  • We have documented additional installation options for Mathesar. Visit the Mathesar docs site to explore these options. (#2809 #2826 #2824)
  • A reference for Mathesar configuration options has been added to our documentation. (#2824)
  • We have documented connecting to databases running on localhost outside of Docker. (#2819)
  • The Mathesar Docker image is now standalone and can be started using the docker run command. (#2848)
  • Superuser and database passwords are now validated when using the guided install script. (#2625)

Bug fixes

  • Mathesar no longer crashes when importing tables with long column names. (#2725)
  • Static default values can no longer be assigned to a dynamic default column. (#2780)
  • Column names no longer overlap when the browser window is resized. (#2856)
  • Databases removed from the configuration environment file won’t show up in the UI anymore. (#2891)
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the foreign key column icon. (#2768)

API changes

  • The URL for the database page has been moved from /<db_name>/ to /db/<db_name>/ to avoid conflicts with other Mathesar URLs. (#2791)


  • A “sponsors” section has been added to the README. (#2710)

Full Changelog