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Mathesar 0.1.0 (alpha release)

Mathesar’s first alpha release! Features:

  • Built on Postgres: Connect to an existing Postgres database or set one up from scratch.
  • Set up your data models: Easily create and update Postgres schemas and tables.
  • Data entry: Use our spreadsheet-like interface to view, create, update, and delete table records.
  • Filter, sort, and group: Quickly slice your data in different ways.
  • Query builder: Use our Data Explorer to build queries without knowing anything about SQL or joins.
  • Schema migrations: Transfer columns between tables in two clicks.
  • Uses Postgres features: Mathesar uses and manipulates Postgres schemas, primary keys, foreign keys, constraints and data types. e.g. “Links” in the UI are foreign keys in the database.
  • Custom data types: Custom data types for emails and URLs (more coming soon), validated at the database level.
  • Basic access control: Users can have Viewer (read-only), Editor (can only edit data, but not data structure), or Manager (can edit both data and its structure) roles.
  • Basic documentation: Users can install Mathesar using Docker Compose, and tricky product features are documented.

Full Changelog