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Mathesar 0.1.5


Mathesar 0.1.5 is a small, bug fix release.

This page provides a comprehensive list of all changes in the release.

Upgrading to Mathesar 0.1.5

See our guide on upgrading Mathesar to 0.1.5.


  • Improve performance of loading sample data when adding a new connection #3448
  • Constrain the width of the connections page #3439

Bug fixes

  • Fix “Page not found” error when viewing a shared exploration #3456
  • Fix bugs preventing Mathesar from running in demo mode #3459
  • Fix timeout when setting up a new database with sample data in installations with higher network latency #3448
  • Restore display of column type icons within shared tables #3456
  • Temporarily hide link to missing docs page #3451
  • Fix active cell displaying above row header cell #3382


  • Improve docs on using an external PostgreSQL server for Mathesar’s internal database #3457
  • Add embedded video walkthrough within installation steps #3437 #3443
  • 0.1.5 release notes #3449


  • Improve our release notes helper script #3435
  • Post-release cleanup #3432