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Mathesar 0.1.1 (alpha release)

This is a minor release focused on addressing bugs and improving user experience.

Bug fixes

  • The UI now supports non-ASCII characters in column names and column settings.
  • The record page works when the primary key is not an integer.
  • Mathesar can now support primary keys that are UUIDs.
  • Access level permissions presented on the UI are now consistent with the API access levels.
  • Deleting newly created records immediately no longer results in getting stuck in a loading screen.
  • Empty columns are now inferred as text instead of boolean during import.
  • The UI now displays an appropriate failure message when failing to delete rows.
  • Mathesar no longer crashes when attempting to order rows by non-orderable columns.
  • Row selection gets cleared correctly when a placeholder cell is selected.


  • The UI cancels edits when users press the Esc key in table cells.
  • Group headers with record summaries now have links to allow users to navigate to the associated record.
  • Dropdown positioning is improved across the app, so that they do not overflow the browser window.
  • A bunch of smaller visual and UX improvements made by our Google Summer of Code (GSoC) applicants.

Full Changelog