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Guided installation: troubleshooting

This document is related to our guided installation.

Restarting installation

If something has gone wrong with the installation, you may need to restart the script. Two cases are possible:

  1. The script has started the Docker environment for Mathesar. You can tell this happened if your terminal printed the message

    Next, we'll download files and start the server, This may take a few minutes.
    Press ENTER to continue.
    and you subsequently pressed ENTER. In this case, you must run the command

    sudo docker compose -f /etc/mathesar/docker-compose.yml down -v
    docker compose -f /etc/mathesar/docker-compose.yml down -v

    and then run the installation script again.

  2. The script hasn’t yet started the Docker environment, i.e., you haven’t seen the message printed above. In this case, you need only stop the script by pressing CTRL+C, and then run it again.

When installing on Windows


The process of installing and running has thus far been much better tested on MacOS and Linux than it has on Windows. Please open issues for any Windows-specific problems you encounter.

  • During installation, choose “WSL 2” instead of “Hyper-V”. WSL is the Windows Sub System for Linux and is required to run Mathesar.
  • See this tutorial for hints if you’re having trouble getting Docker wired up properly.
  • Make sure you’re use the WSL command prompt (rather than DOS or PowerShell) when running the installation script and other commands.

Docker versions

The most common problem we’ve encountered is users with out-of-date docker or docker-compose versions.

  • To determine your docker-compose version, run docker compose version. (Note the lack of hyphen.) You need docker-compose version 2.7 or higher for the installation to succeed. Better if it’s version 2.10 or higher.
  • To determine your docker version, run docker --version. We’ve tested with docker version 23, but lower versions may work.

If you run docker-compose --version and see a relatively old version, try docker compose version and see whether it’s different. The latter is the version that will be used in the script.


You may see errors about various ports being unavailable (or already being bound). In this case, uninstall Mathesar to restart from a clean docker state, and choose non-default ports during the installation process for PostgreSQL, HTTP traffic, or HTTPS traffic as appropriate, e.g., using 8080 for HTTP traffic if 80 is unavailable. Note that if you customized the configuration directory, you must replace /etc/mathesar with that custom directory in the command.

Connection problems

In order for Mathesar to install properly, it needs to download some artifacts from We’ve received some reports that this domain is blocked for some internet providers in India. If this is the case for you, consider routing around that problem via a custom DNS server, or using a VPN.


If you have permissions issues when the script begins running docker commands, double-check that your user is in the sudoers file. Try running sudo -v. If that gives an error, your user lacks needed permissions and you should speak with the administrator of your system.

Getting more help

If you’re having an issue not covered by this documentation, open an issue on GitHub.